This document has been developed specifically for DÜZY as a guide to ensure compliance and consistency across all internal and external brand efforts. There will be exceptions to these guidelines, however we ask that you follow these approved corporate standards, and contact us directly with questions.

Glyph Icon

When to use the Glyph

DÜZY’s D and inset arrow glyph icon represents the simplified path to purchase that DÜZY’s video technology innovation offers customers, always pressing the play and purchase button on their device. Simple and iconic, bold and clear, it instantly sparks recognition for the DÜZY brand.

Minimum Clear Space

The minimum clear space of the DÜZY D symbol is half the width of the D (X = D width x 0.5)

Minimum Sizes

The minimum size for the DÜZY D glyph is 29 PX width and 29 PX height, Square or larger.

Glyph – Dark

Glyph – Light

Color Palette


DUZY logo dark teal

When to use the Logo

Whenever possible, the primary DÜZY logo should be used and reproduced in its specified PMS or Process colors. To maintain the integrity of the DÜZY corporate brand identity,the logo and its elements should not be modified, misshaped,or stretched. The proper usage should be applied. See proper usage examples, PMS colors and typography below. DO NOT change the colors of the logo from the approved corporate color theme. DO NOT modify the composition of the logo elements. DO NOT modify or reset logo fonts.

DO NOT distort, skew or add graphic effects to the logo. DO NOT reproduce the full color logo on a color background. USE AS TEXT When using “DÜZY” as text instead of logo format including email correspondence, website copy, or in running copy, the following usage applies: ALL CAPS When possible, use the capital U umlaut. The Ü can be found in symbols or copied from this style guide: DÜZY In running copy, it is allowable to use DÜZY (all capitalized without the Ü) although, not preferred. DÜZY INCORRECT USAGE: Any other use in text form. For any questions regarding DÜZY corporate standards contact [email protected].

Minimum Clear Space

Logo – Dark

DUZY logo dark teal
DUZY logo dark

Logo – Light


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