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What is DÜZY and what are the benefits?

DUZY is an innovative video commerce technology that allows customers to use their videos and live streams to instantly create shoppable videos so their viewers can buy, donate, and provide their information during viewing experience without interruption. DUZY is monetizing your video so you can share across your social and paid media channels.

Where can I share the shoppable videos I create with DÜZY ?

We are integrated with leading eCommerce sites and through our tool, you can post your DUZY tv video links on your website, social media channels, paid media and you can also share your videos via email. For information about distributing DUZY links check out this topic in our help portal.

What is the business model and how much does it cost?

Check out our pricing information here: https://getduzy.com/pricing/

How do I create an account?

Sign up via the pricing page: https://getduzy.com/pricing/