Music’s Universal Appeal Creates Connections

Food, apparel and music create instant connections across the globe. There are the universal beats, fashion and flavors that we adopt from different cultures. Many remember when Julio Iglesias entered the scene with his Spanish crooner style, but many do not know about his emotional connection to music. Music saved him. 

The emotional connections people have with music is seen from athletes’ walk-up songs to our own memories and feelings toward our favorite (or least favorite) songs in our lives. Like break up songs to make up songs that create different feelings.  With each song you remember where you were, who you were with and how it made you feel. 

Courtesy of MLB.

Psychology Today says from their study, “You can dial up a mood, mindset, or perception on demand by choosing music that elicits a specific emotional response in you. As an athlete, I developed an ideal mindset for peak performance and used an arsenal of time-tested songs to fortify this alter ego and invincible state of mind. During my training and races, it became obvious that even in really horrible weather conditions, or when I was physically suffering, that I could use music (and my imagination) to create a parallel universe that had little to do with reality. I used music to stay optimistic and see the glass as perpetually half-full while doing ultra-endurance races. You can use music as a tool when you work out or in your daily life the same way.” – The Neuroscience of Music, Mindset, and Motivation by Christopher Bergland.

Have you ever listened to LeBron James on the Calm App?. He talks about how his mental preparedness for games has to do with a lot of different things and how meditating keeps him focused, and sleep helps him recover.  He also talks about how he has a ritual on game days for music. This music selection is key to setting his mood. You do not need to be a basketball fan to listen to his excellent advice to train your mind for success.

Do You Use Music to Ground Your Day?

Even before insolation, were you a fan of Saturday night with the right music mix on your streaming service, play list or TV?  Even Spotify has created a quarantine mix to lift your spirits. You don’t have to dance, you can pour yourself a drink and do whatever makes you happy at that moment, but music truly can set your mood. Do you run faster to a particular playlist?  Do you sing in your car, in the shower, or dance around your living room when no one is looking?


Throughout our lives, sharing the experiences of music has often been the connection we make with others. Sometimes it is generational, geographic or just for a general love of music.

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In everyone’s childhood, there’s a song reminds you of the feeling of hearing an individual musician. The emotional response can be overwhelming. I think when you get stuck in isolation. We need to realize that music could be the thing that brings us back to the emotional state we can desire. Even if it’s a virtual dance party, listening to streaming music of your favorite band playing live, you feel like you’re closer to people without the 10,000 people around you and the smell of porta-potties.  The calming effect from music can keep us grounded and connected to the diversity of the world just by turning it on. Turn on your favorite Jock Jam, playlist, or vinyl and use the music to Make You Happy!

Not sure where to start: The NY Times offers things to watch, read, and listen to while we’re housebound, and most all of them have music. The NY Times each week has been saying what do Music, Theater and More to Experience at Home This Weekend. Our writers offer suggestions for what to watch, read or listen to while we’re housebound.

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