“Petting” on e-Commerce, Trends in Digital Marketing

Playing with our pets and caring for their needs is how we show our love when they give theirs unconditionally.  Shopify says our 2020 purchasing trends are our desire to  love of our pets. Watching commercials might be a thing of the past for many, but the ad world still finds ways to attract their customers to their product lines. With over 5k ads in our face daily, the consumer experience a barrage of things to purchase. In 2018, the United States had close to 275 million internet users. This figure is projected to grow to 310.1 million internet users in 2022.   The Top Product for 2020: Our Furry Friends Beds. Who Knew? Pet Beds Looking for the purrfect, popular product to sell to pet owners? This pet bed has been clawing its way to the top of the sales charts. According to Google Trends, “dog bed” has seen some strong growth in search volume. The search keyword “dog bed” gets 234,000 monthly searches, and “cat bed” also has a sizable amount of search demand, with 60,500 monthly searches. What is your favorite dog bed?  Maybe this 4k posh puppy boutique. https://www.poshpuppyboutique.com/Couture_Luxury_Dog_Bed_with_Hood_and_Draperies_p/vt-bed200.htm Not everyone has the money to purchase a thousand dollar toy or accessory for their animals, but 70% of Dog and Cat Owners Purchase Gifts for Pets During Christmas and Winter Holidays. When you are looking for the best products for your family friend, it can sometimes be hard to find the right fit for them. You see the product but cannot remember the brand or where on social media you saw it.  There is a myriad of pet product sites out there including Chewy.com, and retail sites like Petco, PetSmart, and even Amazon.com promising a full assortment of goodies to keep them fed, exercised, comfortable and happy, but are they creating the best shopping experience for their consumers? What if there was a way to instantly purchase the toy, bed, or food for your four-legged friends in the video you are watching? 84% of consumers were convinced to buy something after seeing a brand’s video. The New Breed of In- Video Purchasing Technology Instantly sell from your video or live stream. With DÜZY’s patented technology: Customers purchase while watching the video. Images of product and services and their prices frame the video as your customers watch. You can instantly make a purchase, without ever leaving the video. That is impulse shopping at its best. Higher conversions, memorable experiences. Uninterrupted content during the transaction. Evolutionary marketing. Users experience the quickest path to purchase and hit the buy button instead of clicking away from your video. Getduzy.com

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