ZOOMED OUT: Online Shopping in Today’s Age

The biggest day in e-commerce marketing a decade ago was when a product in your shopping cart could be zoomed in on. You could see the seams and details of the product you were buying. It was revolutionary. It changed the whole online shopping experience. The history of e-commerce started way before you think.

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Some of the initial pain points of online shopping for many consumers was that they can not feel and touch the product they are buying. These concerns are still prevailing today.

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The balance of needs vs. price vs. laziness of going to the store is the e-commerce battle.

Some people like to shop online. They do not like going out into the world and fight to see the product, which could take three different parking lots and shopping venues across a 50-mile radius just to find the item desired.  That group of people thinks who needs all that work when I can sit on my couch and make the same analysis on products from the comfort of home.

Myth: Online shopping is about instant gratification. 
Fact: Online journeys tend to be longer than in-store.” – Harvard Business Review

Shopping with clicks sounds like a speedy process. But consumers actually take more time online than when shopping in physical stores, and they make more stops. In fact, 57% of shopping journeys that conclude with an online purchase begin with a consumer either first looking at another website (29%), visiting a brick-and-mortar store (15%), or both (13%) before ultimately transacting online through any particular retailer. The other 43% of journeys that conclude with an online purchase are one-stop journeys that begin and end with the same online retailer.”

The internet is now the connection to the outside world. The virus, which generally refers to a pesky bug that destroys your computer files and ruins your week has turned into the virus that has us all using our devices all day long. The video streaming, apps, and social media channels that we make fun of the millennial generation for using on their $1000 cellphones to keep them in the loop at all times is our new friend. Zoom in, 🤦, and #LOL.

Now you can watch an interactive 15 minutes presentation on your product you desire. It is the QVC equivalent of an ad video bomb. The full video included, but you have less than a minute to keep consumer attention.

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However, this is not the only sales technique that is used in the video world to keep up sales and entice us to buy more. 1:1 video experiences will continue, and live video is the trend. Human interaction in the technological world we live in is per entertainment and has a learning curve for most of us.

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Zoom, like many live streaming platforms, are on a considerable increase. 62 Million downloads in March for video conferencing applications.  With all this technology in motion, zooming in on how to target your next consumer to buy from your brand has never been more prevailing.

Zoom In to Shoppable Video.

Another trend that’s picking up steam is “shoppable videos.” These are video ads that feature links to products within the world of the video. Instagram Stories and Snapchat feature a lot of these, but the technique is becoming more sophisticated.

The best way to market to your online consumer has reached a whole new level, and keeping up with these video trends just got easier with #DUZY.

The DÜZY shoppable video platform allows companies, musicians, celebrities, and influencers to connect directly to your fans and customers through their live streams and videos without interruption. DÜZY’s patented technology can take your video experience to a whole new level by selling your products and merchandise while your video continues to play. DÜZY makes selling simple. #getduzy  getduzy.com

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