Our Story

Have you ever watched a video or live-stream, and wished you could press the buy button without leaving what you were watching? Former IndyCar driver and entrepreneur PJ Chesson has. He was surprised there wasn’t a turnkey solution, so he created one. He built a team who helped him develop the first patented in-video purchase platform. He named it DÜZY.

Others have claimed to crack the code for video commerce, but DÜZY is the only in-video technology where users can shop, donate, pay fees or capture leads without leaving the video. Customers watch the video, see product images, service details and pricing, while simultaneously making a purchase! 

The DÜZY team is on a mission to help monetize video while addressing the needs of online sellers, influencers, non-profits, agencies, companies, campaigns, fundraisers and service-providers for increasing conversion rates, collecting donations, fees, and lead generation.   

The DÜZY culture is focused on our customer and their customer – improving engagement and conversion. We get stuff done together. We love what we do. We figure out what works, and we learn from what doesn’t. Led by a diverse leadership team, DÜZY is ready to change the world – one company at a time.

The DÜZY Leadership Team

PJ Chesson – Founder and CEO

DUZY’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, PJ Chesson is a former IndyCar racer known on and off the track for his fun and charismatic personality. In the business world, PJ has run his father’s successful family business for over 10 years. PJ is a serial entrepreneur who is dedicated to exploring and continuous learning. PJ holds a degree in history from Lafayette College.

On the race track, PJ was an accomplished Sprint and IndyCar driver who had business partnerships with NBA star Carmelo Anthony and KISS co-founder Gene Simmons.

PJ lives in Western New Jersey with his wife Jamie and their three children. In his free time he enjoys traveling, the outdoors, and living life to the fullest.

Tom Anderson – Chief Strategy Officer and CTO

DUZY’s Chief Strategy & Technology Officer, Tom Anderson is an innovative leader with over 30 years of hands-on technical, architectural, and leadership expertise. Tom specializes in technology strategy optimization and brings with him valuable global and e-Commerce experience. 

Tom has a passion for establishing the “path forward” and creating a clear vision around technology. He has led technology teams for his entire career and has helped notable startups and technology firms including 15SOF, Half.com, and Crane Payments. 

Tom holds a Master of Science in Software Engineering from Drexel University. He resides in Wayne PA with his wife and four children. He is an avid foodie, and in his free time he enjoys learning martial arts, SCUBA diving, and hiking.

Eric Meisner – CFO

DUZY’s Chief Financial Officer, Eric Meisner started his career with big companies before discovering the excitement of the start-up world during the internet boom of the late 90’s. He has helped start-ups in the worlds of aviation, licensing, digital media, and SaaS, all grow and scale beyond their owner’s expectations.

His dream of helping multiple start-ups simultaneously led to starting his own fractional CFO consulting firm, which is now part of the firm – The CEO’s Right Hand. 

Eric has a BA in Accounting from The University of Massachusetts, and an MBA in Financial Management from Iona College. He resides in Montvale, New Jersey with his wife and daughters. He is an avid lacrosse fan & player, and is also a die-hard New York Giants fan.