InPlayer and DÜZY: Transforming Video & Livestream Commerce

NEW YORK and LONDONFeb. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — DÜZY is partnering with InPlayer as the video monetization platform to power their in-video, live and on-demand transactional services. DÜZY is a patented in-video commerce tool revolutionizing the way businesses, causes, services, influencers, agencies, and video-service providers increase conversion through e-commerce, donations, and lead capture. DÜZY is the only in-video technology where users shop, donate, or enter information without leaving the video.


As organizations are looking to improve customer experience and expedite the path to purchase, DÜZY and InPlayer are streamlining that process. Customers watch the video, see corresponding images, details and pricing for merchandise, services or causes, while simultaneously making a purchase behind a secure paywall. The addition of InPlayer’s complete monetization solution to DÜZY’s in-video commerce platform means any on-demand or live video can be easily and quickly monetized and scaled via pay-per-view and subscription models. DÜZY is excited to partner with InPlayer, global leader in pay-per-view and video subscription solutions. InPlayer’s scalable platform and DÜZY’s in-video commerce technology create seamless experiences and quicker ROI for businesses and causes” says PJ Chesson, CEO of DÜZY.  “This partnership creates a new universe for in-video purchase opportunities creating better and more memorable brand experiences. “As viewers have increased appetites and expectations for video, uninterrupted viewing is key to drive conversions and make your brand memorable. We are thrilled to partner with the first patented in-video purchase platform to provide a turnkey solution that helps organizations expand reach, accelerate conversions and generate revenue quickly for a premium purchase experience.” says George Meek, CEO at InPlayer. About DÜZY: DÜZY, the first video technology platform, enables viewers to purchase, donate, and capture leads without leaving the video or livestream. Founded by IndyCar driver and entrepreneur, PJ Chesson, DÜZY improves the view-to-purchase experience, keeping them together, increasing conversion and providing more engaging customer experiences. Compatible with leading ecommerce platforms, DÜZY is creating a whole new way to transact with video and livestreams. More information: https://getduzy.com. About InPlayer: InPlayer, the world’s leading pay-per-view and subscription solution, helps set up and grow recurring revenue for companies looking to enable online sales and access management for their video, audio, files and HTML content. With millions of dollars in transactions managed, InPlayer is making thousands of live events profitable for the OTT industry, rights owners, agencies, artists and corporations globally. More information: https://inplayer.com/

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