Making a Difference One Dollar, One Tree at a Time!

41% give in response to natural disasters. – NonProfits’ Source  
Donate Here to Support the Plastic Pollution Coalition’s Efforts: https://cdn.duzyiod.com/Go8Ig2I7ah.html
Cause Leaders Identified DÜZY as a Fundraising Solution with Their VideoPlastic Pollution Coalition wants to thank the DUZY team for supporting our efforts this winter to drive awareness and support our fundraising to stop plastic pollution. DUZY contributed their new, innovative technology solution that allowed donors to contribute while watching our videos and being inspired to take action in real-time in response to this global crisis.” Plastic Pollution Coalition Managing Director, Julia Cohen So Many Places to Give, How Do You Choose? Saving the environment is one of the most significant philanthropic passions today. “Protecting the environment is one of our greatest challenges and responsibilities. On Oct. 6, the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a report warning that we are on track to reach 1.5℃ of warming between 2030 and 2052, which would bring more frequent and extreme storms, dangerous heat waves, droughts, floods, food shortage, disease, and more.” The Charity Navigator is an excellent resource to help us guide through what organizations are best for donations. Can Social Media Help My Charity? People are finding that following influencers and celebrities to help promote their cause can have a quick, tremendous and instantly gratifying effect. Elon Musk, Pewdiepie, YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki, Jeffree Star, and Coyote Petersen are all members of #TeamTrees. Started by YouTube influencer, MrBeast, #TeamTrees started through his social media influence.  It raised funds for his tree-planting initiative, which was the simple idea of one dollar would allow them to plant one tree. The plan was to plant all the trees by the end of the year.
Courtesy of Business Insider, Mr.Beast.
    By reaching the goal of 20 Million dollars, #TeamTrees planted 20 Million trees into this world in a few months that give us the following benefits through their altruism.       10 Proven Ways Trees Benefit the World By National Wildlife Foundation.
  1. Trees improve air quality.
  2. Trees improve water quality and reduce flooding and erosion.
  3. Trees temper climate.
  4. Trees conserve energy.
  5. Trees are good for the economy.
  6. Trees create habitat for plants and animals.
  7. Trees improve health.
  8. Trees reduce crime.
  9. Trees reduce noise pollution and can serve as screens.
  10. Trees promote community.
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