The Race to Monetizing eSports

DÜZY Plans to Take the Checkered Flag

Viewership of eSports has experienced double digit growth over the last 5 years thanks to some popular games like Fortnite and League of Legends that strategically launch new series as quickly as rabbits multiply with the Fortnite World Cup Finals peaking at 2.3 million viewers. Twitch has led YouTube as a streaming platform with over 1 million active streamers. In 2018, Twitch paid Activision Blizzard $90 million for a two-year contract  to the Overwatch League streaming rights and earlier this year, for an undisclosed amount,  Activision Blizzard announced a new, exclusive streaming rights deal with Google to broadcast matches for that league, Overwatch League and Hearthstone eSports on YouTube.

Competitive sports have jumped on the bandwagon with competitions and cross overs where fans can watch and interact in Basketball, Soccer and Motorsports, among others.  Newzoo in study from 2018 projected that by 2021, eSports will generate more than $1.6 billion in total revenue with $1.3 billion coming from brand investments.  Looking at the streams of revenue, sponsorships have led the nearly $1B industry in 2018.  Will the chart look the same in 2021?  Many companies and technologies claim to be monetizing live streams and videos with words like shoppable and commerce, but these revenue streams are far from what they could be in merchandise alone.

Source: New Zoo
Source: New Zoo

There is only one company that has a patent on selling while the video or live stream actually plays which helps companies, sponsors and athletes monetize their merchandise while the fans watch and purchase. That company is DÜZY®.  DUZY has motorsports roots.  Built from an idea from former IndyCar driver, PJ Chesson, known for his irreverence and risk-taking, was watching a fishing video and wished he knew where he could purchase the cool product he was seeing in use. He didn’t know how to search for it because the pro wasn’t mentioning it. He didn’t want to have to click away to figure it all out because he wanted to keep watching the video. PJ immediately went on a quest to figure out how to create a better shoppable video experience. He worked with developers, coders and experienced e-commerce CTOs to bring his idea to life, and patent it.  He called it DUZY.  The umlauts over the U fall in line with Chesson’s personality and drive – different, edgy and always a level up from the competition with a really cool vibe.  

Chesson has brought some friends along for the fast ride to success. Oriol Servià, a Spanish racing driver who also competed in the IndyCar Series and raced in the Formula E season for Dragon Racing is in business development working closely with his connections in sports and sponsorship. Michael Andretti recently became an investor and board member seeing great opportunity in the world of eSports and its tie to DUZY and ecommerce opportunities.

The recent events with sheltering-in-place orders, many kids at home in need of entertainment, and the down time that comes with quarantines has pushed growth of eSports viewership by an additional 10% according to Nielsen. What is missing from this viewership experience is the ability to purchase merchandise as if you were in the arena, at the speedway or on the sidelines.  Monetizing sporting events without being there is something Chesson’s new in-video commerce technology does well. It’s a DUZY of a disruption to the monetization of events allowing teams to sell merchandise and sponsor products during the live and re-broadcast events.  DUZY also has a marketplace for all of its customers’ videos and livestreams which Chesson’s marketing team will be driving fans and customers to watch and purchase while watching eSports and other customer content.

Serviá has gotten in on the eSports rage as a driver in “The Race” joining some of his IndyCar legends along with some favorites from NASCAR. Serviá, driving the DUZY car will join NASCAR’s Kyle Busch who is making his debut to this iRacing circuit driving a different grid and a different car, joining Jimmie Johnson and Dale Earnhardt Jr. who have already raced in previous weekends. This weekend’s iRacing Challenge race is a ‘random draw’ track, and the Twin Ring Motegi track has been selected, this venue, north of Tokyo – hosted the Indy Japan 300 between 1998 and 2011, and in 2008, is where Danica Patrick became the first female driver to win an IndyCar Series race in the championship’s history.

These eSports events are great entertainment for the racing fans, and keep the drivers racing, but what is missing?  If you ask PJ Chesson and Oriol Serviá who have each had major labels sponsor them and been involved with Andretti Motor Sports for years, they would say, merchandise and the ability to sponsor products during the live and recorded broadcast events.  Chesson says, “DUZY is a video and livestream platform that allows you to sell products and merchandise, VIP experiences to your fans while they watch the race or sporting event. The viewing and purchasing happens in the same place, without having to leave the livestream. No missing the finish line while you buy your favorite driver’s uniform or car replica. Press the buy button and never stop watching.” Serviá added, “sponsors can get in on the action too as they can sponsor products while their drivers are in the race. DUZY is truly disrupting video and live stream event monetization.”  DUZY is a flexible, easy and affordable way for customers to create promotions and impulse using their own video and live stream content, products and pricing and marketing to reach their fans and consumers.

It’s a race to the top for DUZY with a highly competitive management team, patented technology and simple platform. Create an account, upload your video or connect your live stream, add your products and images, and you are off and racing.   Many companies large and small have recognized the need for a quicker path to purchase that doesn’t involve heavy, and long-range development. They have signed up with DUZY to have a video link they can use anywhere to create impulse within their videos and livestreams and even HTML5 ads


About DÜZY: DÜZY, the first video technology platform, enables viewers to purchase, donate, and capture leads without leaving the video or livestream. Founded by IndyCar driver and entrepreneur, PJ Chesson, DÜZY improves the view-to-purchase experience, keeping them together, increasing conversion and providing more engaging customer experiences. Compatible with leading ecommerce platforms, DUZY is creating a whole new way to transact with video and livestreams. More information, contact [email protected]  https://getduzy.com.

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