Virtual Participation: The Tech Behind the Music

Portlandia Skit About Concert Going! Courtesy of IFC!

Portlandia has been making fun of concert-going for seasons on their show. When Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen first premiered their skits, the reactions are ironically humorous because most of us can relate to the need or feelings that occur when attending a live concert. For most of us today, we would opt for the discomfort to attend. However, music technology will help us fly above the homebound mentality so that we refuel as a nation, community, and world.

Portlandia Absentee Concert Goer Skit Shows Concert Going Through Drones and AI Technology!

AI and Music: What Does It Mean?

Last summer,  this great article addressed how music is forever affected by artificial intelligence technology. The reference to IRobot, the Movie, not the vacuum,  with Will Smith wondering if a computer can create a symphony or paint a masterpiece, sounded crazy, but it affects how we produce music. This article is not only incredibly interesting in explaining how technology has moved music since the 50s but reminds us of how the art of information at our fingertips affects our creativity, knowledge, and daily passions.

The creative that our artists, comedians, and entertainers are giving to the world through the internet right now is simply amazing.

The Tonight Show Isolation Style: Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon!


The new normal; our phone notifying us that something is going live or is important RIGHT NOW. TikTok has sent a notification that says: Incredible Musicians. Amazing performances and 48 hours of nonstop live streaming performances celebrating global music benefiting MusiCares organized by the GRAMMYs! Benefits, Supportathons, and #Stayathome programs to help the front-line workers, research, and the general need for human compassion to others during this time make us feel more #togetherathome.  Are You All In?

via DUZY

The best thing about notifications is that you had no idea about the event until the app or notification tells you. The new normal as it is referred to, isn’t that new. The ding of our phone to alert us to trends is changing but not unique. Your phone can turn you on to a loop of music, videos, or content that might be new, important, or ignite a new passion. Everyone turns on and watches. Have you seen Tiger King? This show has turned the table on many popular shows of present and past with the most viewership beating any other streaming content according to the Hollywood Reporter and Nielsen.

This human pattern can be found in the 60s and 70s when some of the best live shows aired on black and white TVs, and everyone stopped and watched because if you didn’t, you missed it. This era of television was a brilliant time. Some of the most classic shows come from this era. Not familiar with the period, you’d be surprised.

It is not in black and white these days, but it is not the 60s cartoon The Jetsons either.

Music Technology

There’s more time to offer people entertainment because the viewing and listening time has changed with more people at home. But the message is still the same. The digital entertainment buying experience includes tipping your favorite band, donating to a cause, or buying new swag from your favorite entertainer while they are streaming to your screen is the new norm. This type of activity, where you can purchase or donate during a video or livestream is shoppable, and it’s not going away.

Coming together with music for the betterment of human life is why we still celebrate the Live Aid Moment with Queen in  Bohemian Rhapsody.

Video Streaming the World To You

The DÜZY shoppable video platform allows companies, musicians, celebrities, and influencers to connect to your fans and customers through live stream and video events without interruption. DÜZY’s patented technology can take your video experience to the VIP level selling your products and merch while your video continues to play. If you want to create pay per view opportunities, sell merchandise, add new fans to your mailing list for announcing new performances, products or even artists, DÜZY hooks up your music and your products to your audience. DÜZY makes selling simple. #getduzy  getduzy.com

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